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Strecker Buttwelding Machines:

For over 75 years, AUGUST STRECKER GmbH & Co. KG has been a specialist in the development and production of butt welding machines for almost any application in the wire and cable industry.
The product range includes machines for butt welding solid wires, flat conductors, rings, chain links, stranded wires and conductors as well as special parts:


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The Strecker production program includes a wide range of welding machines for all kinds of applications in the field of wire and cable technology, as well as individual designs for special purposes and requirements.

Non-ferrous wire


Steel wire

Steel cords
or cables

Special applications

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Special Applications

In addition to the wide range of conventional welding machines, Strecker offers a variety of devices for special applications: electric butt welding guns for steel or non-ferrous metal wires, battery-operated butt welding guns or machines for fine steel wires, both for use in difficult to reach workspaces. Electric butt welding machines for welding wires in a coil radius, so that prior straightening of the ends to be welded is not required, are also available.

We also offer butt welding machines for flat material, both steel and copper, as well as roller seam welding machines or point welding guns for welding reinforcement strips for cable production.

Welding machines for special steel profile wires, equipped with various annealing devices depending on material quality, are also available. We can create special designs for custom applications, based on the technical and physical requirements at the place of usage. We provide butt welding machines for an extremely wide range of materials.

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