Cold Rolling LinesCold Rolling Lines

Eurodraw Wire Equipment, designs and builds high performance cold rolling lines for the production of indented wire for mesh and rebar. We have been the first company to introduce the multi block cold rolling lines on the market and have, since then, built and installed dozens of lines all over the world. The line is composed of a double vertical wire rod pay-off, a heavy duty mechanical descaler, a soap application unit with double soap feeding screw, a single/ twin or triple-block horizontal axis cold rolling machine with a mechanical stress relieving unit and a heavy duty single horizontal spooler or double vertical spooler with semi-automatic spool changeover system. The Eurodraw Wire Equipment cold rolling line has been designed to work in the toughest industrial environment, requires limited maintenance and is operator friendly; giving full access to the rolling blocks and rolling cassettes. A version equipped with noise abatement and dustproof cabinet is available. Two rolling cassettes can be mounted in front of each pulling capstan so that changing wire sizes does not require the removal of the rolling cassette from its location. These machines can be equipped with dies in place of rolling cassettes if required.


Key benefits

  • Fully enclosed machine for safety and dust protection
  • No fixed reduction required between bull blocks
  • Minimum space requirements
  • Multiple bull blocks allow for larger diameter reductions
  • Different levels of automation dependant on customer requirements
  • Vertical and Horizontal spooler options
  • Easy raw material loading


Machine Model Block ⌀ Max inlet wire ⌀ Max speed Installed power Block water cooling Rolling cassettes
  Mm Mm m/sec kW   no.
CRL 760/1 H 760 16 8 1x220 YES 2
CRL 760/1 L 760 10 8 1x170 YES 2
CRL 760/2 H 760 16 12 2x170 YES 4
CRL 760/2 L 760 14 12 1x129 + 1x105 YES 4
CRL 760/2 L 760 16 14 1x170 + 2x129 YES 5




Special Applications