Lubricants for rolling & drawing

Pan Chemicals are committed to



PANLUBE S Dry Drawing Lubricants
Calcium based
Sodium Based
Combined calcium and sodium
Synthetic lubricants
Special Products for rolling
Polymer Lubricants

PANLUBE L Wet Drawing Lubricants
Soluble Oils
Emulsifiable lubricants
Synthetic Oils
Pastes and Greases

PANCOVER Products for surface preparation
Phosphate Coatings
Non-reactive coatings ( for stainless and carbon steel )
Polymer coatings ( for cold heating and drawing )

PANCHEM Ancillary chemicals
Inhibitors for acid pickling
Neutraliser and anti-rusting
Degreasing agents
Charcoals for galvanizing

Fluxes for galvanizing

PAN Engineering Equipment
Mechanical descalers
Belt descalers
Rotating die boxes
Die conditioning equipment
Wiping pads
Brushes for descaling

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