Multipass Wire Drawing Machines

THE LARGEST WIRE DRAWING MACHINE ON THE MARKET - Eurodraw Wire Equipment has designed a specific series of wire drawing machines for processing large diameter high carbon steel wire rod. At the top of the line is the MTS 1200 machine that can process high carbon wire rod of up to 16.0 mm in diameter at speeds never before reached.


Key Benefits

Machines can be supplied with drawing block sizes of 1200mm, 900 mm, 812 mm, 760 mm and 710 mm. All models are modular, multiple-block, characterized by inclined axis blocks and loop sensor speed synchronization. The sturdy, exceptionally heavy machine frame is provided with integrated piping for easy connection to a dust and fume extraction system.

Die boxes assure efficient, direct die cooling and ease of operation. With the exclusive Eurodraw Wire Equipment die box design, die changeover is fast and simple and often no tools are required. Each drawing block is driven by an inverter-controlled AC motor and power is transmitted by high performance parallel axis reduction gears sourced from major internationally recognized gearbox manufacturers.

The exclusive Eurodraw Wire Equipment block water cooling system plus air cooling all around the block perimeter assures exceptional wire cooling capacity, to allow installation of up to 170 kW motors per block on the MTS 1200. MTS machines do not require foundations. They are simply positioned on the factory floor and attached with suitable anchoring bolts



Machine model   MTS 1200 MTS 900 MTS 812 MTS 760 MTS 710
Block diameter mm 1200 900 812 760 710
Max installed power kW 170 110 90 90 75
Max ROD Inlet dia mm 16.0 14.0 11.0 11.0 9.00
Min. Wire outlet dia mm 3.50 3.50 3.00 2.40 2.00
Max Speed m/sec 15 12 15 18 20

Special Applications


All MTS machines can be highly customized with a wide range of options that make them suitable for production of a very wide variety of wire products. Among these options are: OTO blocks, final stripper blocks, tungsten carbide or ceramic-coated blocks, soap mixers, laser wire diameter gauges, rolling cassettes, dustproof guards and many more