PC Wire and Strand MachinesPC Wire and Strand Machines

Eurodraw Wire Equipment has been manufacturing PC wire & strand lines for more than 25 years and, in addition, has built and jointly operated with its customers many complete turnkey PC strand plants.


Key benefits - PC Strand Line

Skip strander Eurodraw skip stranders are suitable for spool sizes ranging from 800 to 1250 mm with total load capacity of 7 to 28 tons. As standard equipment, Eurodraw skip stranders include: upper and lower spool enclosures, an efficient wire break detection system that includes a center wire break detector, reinforced soundproof cabinet with automatic door closing system, double disk braking with quick release and braking force proportional to spool filling, heavy duty cradles with pneumatically operated tailstocks protected by safety locks, cradle overturn detection system, heavy duty bearings with temperature monitoring and automatic lubrication system, interior lighting of cabinet, AC motor drive, carbon fiber bows, hollow shaft rotors for easy wire threading, post former with large diameter rolls and compacting die for the production of compact strands.

Capstans and induction furnace

The capstans are equipped with planetary gearboxes and driven by two separate AC motors. With independent motor power an infinite number of stranding lays are available. After the first, tensioning capstan, the load cell controls stretching of the strand. The load cell is equipped with a self-calibrating device, to ensure consistent tension reading even after years of operation. The induction furnace is available with power up to 800 kW so that larger strand diameters can be produced with maximum efficiency and speed. A powerful induction furnace ensures long equipment life without stressing the units since, on many occasions, it will not be used at full load. An infrared pyrometer at the furnace outlet reads the strand temperature and controls the heating power. The furnace is followed by a water quenching unit with two independent cooling sections. This unit includes a water heating system and water temperature control and, on request, can be provided with a strand temperature control device. The second, haul-off capstan is identical to the first, but is equipped with a larger AC motor.

Rewinding section

The strand coming from the second haul off capstan is taken up on a large traversing spooler with two positions. The spooler has a capacity equivalent to the load capacity of the strander. Motor speed between the second capstan and the spooler is synchronized with a synchronization sensor arm, which also acts as a final meter counter. After one spooler is loaded with strand, it shifts to one side and becomes a spool pay-off while the other spooler is aligned with the stranding section and begins to take up strand. From the spool in pay-off position, the strand is layer rewound at high speed onto a collapsible spool to make the final package of “spool-less core” coils. With the Eurodraw Wire Equipment layer rewinder, coil packages are perfectly laid without the need of any operator assistance. Once a package is complete, a coil lifter removes it and an in-built scale system prints out a label with the measured weight


Key benefits - PC Wire Line

Eurodraw Wire Equipment designs and builds two types of PC wire indenting and stabilizing lines.

PC wire line with single capstan and back tensioning die

The line is composed of a spool pay-off, a back tensioning die, an indenting unit and wire straightener, a movable induction furnace and a pulling capstan; followed by a pinch wheel, a hydraulic shear and two basket coilers that take up the wire nonstop, to allow continuous line operation. This line can be fed directly from a wire drawing machine so that continuous drawing indenting and stabilizing is made possible.

PC wire line with double capstan

The line is composed of a spool payoff, an indenting unit followed by a wire straightener and cleaning unit, double tensioning capstan, a fixed or movable induction furnace and a double haul-off capstan. Here too, the second capstan is followed by a pinch wheel, a hydraulic shear and two basket coilers that take up the wire non-stop, to allow continuous line operation. This line can also be fed directly from a wire drawing machine so that continuous drawing indenting and stabilizing is made possible. The double capstan line can be equipped with a back tensioning die so it can also be used with one capstan only. The double capstan line has the advantage that the wire tension is fne adjusted with a load cell to maintain constant pull during passage through the induction furnace. With a back tensioning die the tension depends on the area reduction of the die. The double capstan line is also easier to operate, as there is no die to thread.

PC wire line with double vertical axis capstan

The PC wire lines can be supplied either with a horizontal axis capstan or with a pair of vertical axis capstans. While this configuration is a little easier to thread, the space requirements are significant.

PC wire capstan threading unit

The PC wire line that is configured with a double horizontal axis capstan can be equipped with an automated capstan threading unit. This equipment allows to thread the pulling capstans in less than 5 minutes without any effort. The operator just needs to clamp the wire on the threading unit and press the start button. This equipment significantly reduces the threading time of the line and reduces the risk of injuries that may occur in these operations. The treading unit allows a single person to thread a 4000 mm double capstan.



Specifications - PC Wire Line

Wire ⌀ Tensile Cross section Max available putt Furnace speed Linear weight Hourly production Theoretical Power consumption
mm N mm2 dN m/min g/m kg/h kW
3.00 2000 7.07 636 420 55 1397 54.50
4.00 1950 12.56 1102 400 99 2365 90.00
5.00 1850 19.63 1634 380 154 3511 126.80
7.00 1750 38.47 3029 350 302 6339 216.50
9.00 1700 63.59 4864 215 499 6437 213.60
9.40 1650 69.36 5150 200 544 6532 210.40
10.70 1600 89.87 6471 150 705 6347 198.30
12.60 1550 124.63 8693 120 978 7041 213.10

Specifications - PC Strand Line

Product Nominal ⌀ Nominal ⌀ Average area Linear weight Breaking load Speed Pull Lay length Theoretical production
Standard sizes inches mm mm2 g/m kg m/min kg mm kg/hr
3/8"250K 0.375 9.53 51.61 405.1 9100 100 4095 133 2431
3/8"270K 0.375 9.53 54.84 430.5 10450 100 4389 133 2583
7/16"250K 0.438 11.13 69.67 546.9 12250 115 5513 156 3774
7/16"270K 0.438 11.13 74.19 582.4 14100 115 5922 156 4019
1/2"250K 0.500 12.70 92.90 729.3 17300 130 7266 178 5689
1/2"270K 0.500 12.70 98.70 774.8 18750 130 7875 178 6043
1/2"SP 0.508 12.90 100.00 785.0 20450 130 8589 181 6123
9/16"270K 0.562 14.27 123.87 972.4 23600 130 9912 200 7585
9/16"SP 0.585 14.86 133.54 1048.3 25450 130 10689 208 8177
0.6"270K 0.600 15.24 140.00 1099.0 26650 128 10500 218 8440
0.6"SO 0.600 15.70 150.00 1180.0 29600 120 11500 218 8496
0.7"270K 0.700 17.78 190.55 1495.8 36000 94 13750 248 8436
0.75" 0.750 19.05 218.75 1717.2 41500 82 17500 267 8400
0.80" 0.800 20.32 248.33 1949.4 44500 72 19800 284 8420

Special Applications

In order to increase the fexibility of a Prestressed Concrete Reinforcement line a combined PC wire and PC strand line is now available. The line shares the capstans, the furnace and the cooling unit that can be used alternatively to produce PC strand or PC wire in all the various sizes.