Wire rolling cassettesWire Rolling Cassettes

Eurolls wire rolling cassettes:

Microcassettes — The microcassette replaces the die in multi-pass lines. It is absolutely compact and suitable for particular productions where tight tolerances are required. The maximum reduction that can be achieved is evaluated on the basis of the specific product. The use of microcassettes can be fully compared to the use of dies. The products that can be obtained are: low, medium and high carbon steel wire, copper, titanium, stainless steel, welding wire, etc. The quality of the outlet material is assured by the special finishing of the roll profiles. This guarantees a perfect roundness and dimension of the product obtained as well as a perfect polished surface. These cassettes can quite easily replace traditional dies thanks to their compact dimensions. The advantages of this system are many, starting from the longer roll working life compared to that of traditional dies, time-saving tooling changes, less machine down-times, possibility of working at higher speeds, reduction from 10 to 20% in absorbed power, lower lubricant consumption and consequently an increase in productivity. These cassettes are similar to dies with regards to production and work processes; as a matter of fact, when the rolls are worn out, they can be ground to the next size and therefore the cassette is used in the previous pass, exactly the same procedure used with dies

Wire Rolling Cassettes

Reinforcement wire cassettes — The most common application of these cassettes is on one or two draft machines producing wires for reinforced concrete. This product, that has a normal range of diameters from 3.5 to 18 mm, is then used, for example, for electro-welded mesh, stirrups, bars, etc. A very effective system is to have two sets of cassettes, one in operation and one in the workshop for roll changing and adjustment. When there is a production change, it is sufficient to remove the cassettes in operation and replace them with the pre-adjusted cassettes ready for the new diameter to be produced. Moreover, the wire can be fed through the cassette by opening and closing the rolls to reach the starting position, thereby avoiding the costly pointing operation. In this manner, machine downtimes are considerably reduced

Wire Rolling Cassettes


  • Robust and reliable: due to the increase in structural rigidity this cassette is suitable for operating even in the most severe conditions such as with material with high carbon content.
  • Compact and versatile: the reduced overall dimensions, the possibility of side anchorage, the accessibility to both sides of the cassette permit a rapid change in the final destination of the cassette.
  • Versatile: Suitable for the production of smooth or ribbed low, medium and high carbon steel wire, copper, aluminium and titanium wire, steel and copper cord.
  • Simple and practical: the simplification of the centering
    system and the new lubrication system reduce to a minimum the operations required for roll installation and adjustment. The new zeroing system simplifies and reduces the time required for cassette preparation.



Model CL 25 - Maximum inlet wire diameter: 4,5 - 5,5 mm (depending on type of material)

Model CL30 - Maximum inlet wire diameter: 5,5 - 6,5 mm (depending on type of material).

Reinforcement wire cassettes

Model CA
Maximum entry diameter 14-18 mm
Minimum exit diameter 3,5 mm

Models CB:
Maximum entry diameter 10 mm
Minimum exit diameter 2,5 mm



Special Applications

Modular cassettes - These cassettes are specifically designed to meet special requirements such as flux cored wire, titanium or other special products. The cassettes are water-cooled and have greasing points to pump the grease to the roll-holder bearings.